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Acne – A Person’s Most Hated Enemy


It’s pretty safe to assume that there are a lot of people in the world who are pretty much suffering from a bad case of pimple outbreaks. Every one, at some point, has suffered from it, and they’ll certainly want to get rid of it for good.

Having a lot of pimples on the face makes for a pretty frustrating experience, especially to those teenagers who are about to come into their own as individuals.

Vanity starts to come into play when they reach the proper age, and they’d like to make a good impression with people every time. However, when these zits start to appear on their faces, they’d feel as if they’re subjects of mockery and ridicule.

They would rather shy away from social interactions to avoid moments of awkwardness. Acne is definitely a killer of confidence levels.

Yet, there is hope. Acne isn’t a problem that will be permanent. Although it may recur, it’s not something that one has to suffer through all their lives. In fact, this is made possible with the numerous methods available.

There are a lot of products being sold in the market nowadays, specifically creams and ointments which one can apply on their faces regularly to lessen the outbreaks, exposed skin care is one of the best on the market.

There are also some surgical procedures such as laser therapy to eradicate those pimples for good. Natural remedies prove most satisfying to a lot, however, due to the fact that they’re pretty cost-efficient.

Yet, if there is one concern to be thought about with these solutions, it’s that many of them don’t work on a long term basis. At times, the reasons for pimples growing may just be too powerful for any simple medication to handle.

There are a variety of triggers for acne to start developing, and things can get pretty complex. However, so long as one identifies what these are, it can be a lot easier to deal with such a skin disorder.

Below are just some of the many factors that lead to the development of zits, white heads and black heads.

  1. Bacteria which can cause pimples to grow on the face
  2. Inflammation caused by excess oil production and dead skin cells which clog up the pores
  3. Sebaceous glands which are overactive

These are three of the biggest reasons why people get to suffer from such a confidence-lowering skin disorder.

Yet, it can be controlled. People should actually take the time to practice proper hygiene by washing their faces and hands regularly.

oily foodsOily foods should also be steered clear of since these can only add to the production of oils in the sebaceous glands. There’s also the matter of exercising in order to prevent toxins from having a detrimental effect on the skin.

Acne is a treatable skin condition, and so long as one actually does enough research, as well as seek out the aid of a reputable dermatologist to figure out the root cause of such a development, there’s no reason why teenagers and adults alike can once again engage in social interactions with blemish-free faces.

How to Prevent Acne from Developing


Under a person’s skin, there are a number of glands which produce the oils necessary for moisture. These are called sebaceous glands and are pretty much in full bloom when a child transitions into the puberty phase, becoming a teenager in the process.

However, because of the hormonal imbalances underwent by the body, they may be produced in excess, which then leads to them clogging up the pores of the skin.

Mixing this with several dead skin cells can lead to the development of inflamed bumps which are often filled with pus in the center. This is what people call acne, and has long been the bane of every teenager in the world.

It’s definitely not nice to look at, which only makes things worse for the young individuals who are slowly coming into their own as individuals that wish to look as good as possible.

The nodules which characterize acne outbreaks are commonly known as pimples. Because of their rather unsightly nature, people have a tendency to pop them in hopes of making the problem go away.

Yet, this is something which can be alleviated. As a matter of fact, pimples are not permanent, although there is a chance that they can become chronic in terms of breakouts. Yet, even this can be put to a complete halt, so long as preventive measures are taken.

Below are just a few ways for people to look into in order to stop pimples from breaking out on their face.

  1. changing bed sheetsIt is necessary to ensure that the bed sheets are kept clean at all times. This might seem like a rather strange tip, but people should realize that all the things which come in contact with their skin can have a huge impact on the development of zits. People lie down on the bed and get some proper rest on it all the time, and the last thing they’d need is a bunch of possible bacteria or pollutants clinging onto the sheets. Natural fabrics should be the material used for bed sheets, and nothing that can cause possible skin allergies.
  2. Eating better is definitely important. This simply means that people shouldn’t indulge in the consumption of processed foods which may be too fatty or oily. After all, too much oil is the problem, and eating fried foods can only make things worse. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to opt for healthier choices. Fruits, vegetables, fat-free meats, legumes and other foods which are rich in essential vitamins and minerals should be eaten.
  3. Proper hygiene is certainly a must. People have a tendency to touch their faces every now and then, and they often neglect that they may have held on to some things which are dirty. The dirt residue can cling to the skin, eventually invading the pores. This leads in their clogging, which then accumulates those oils produced by the sebaceous glands. Washing the hands should be done regularly, and the same goes for the face to rinse away all those residues that may have been left in the pores.

These are three important tips for people to look into so as to prevent the outbreak of acne on their faces.